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Alfresco SoftWash

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alfresco softwash systems Oxford

Alfresco Group are proud to announce our new division! 

Alfresco SoftWash 

This division includes a fleet of van mounted, industry leading SoftWash Systems. These hi-tech systems allow our operatives to get the job completed on time, right first time, leaving results that are unbeatable therefore exceeding expectations on every clean. Soft Washing is the non-destructive alternative to pressure washing. Our industry leading SoftWashing systems use a water-based, biodegradable chemical that emulsifies dirt, killing; algae, mould & bacteria. This solution sanitises the surface leaving long lasting results. Unlike pressure washing, SoftWashing doesn’t erode the surface and uses one-third of the water that pressure washing would.  Soft Washing is the preferred method for cleaning your home or business and the results can last up to 6 times longer! For more information on Alfresco SoftWash contact us today on 01235 754000

Check out our new SoftWash Van!

About SoftWash:

Over twenty years ago, back in 1992 after looking at the problem of algae streaking, bleach and water were combined with surfactants, algaecides and residual inhibitors into the first soft washing solution by AC Lockyer. It was sprayed directly from an agricultural style tank sprayer to remove mildew, bacteria and other organic stains from building roofs and exteriors.

SoftWash systems revolutionised the roof and exterior cleaning industry by allowing more carefully metered chemical solutions to be applied to building surfaces for the benefit of cleaning that surface chemically without pressure.

The system safely and constanly meters the amount of sodium hypochlorite and surfactant.

Alfresco SoftWash Division carries out a Soft Wash treatment regime to buildings using low pressure and specialised solutions to safely remove and kill mildew, bacteria, algae and other organic stains from roofs and all building exteriors, elevations and linings. It is so named to differentiate the method from power washing which is well known as a destructive cleaning technique. This technique mixed with Wood Restore Protects Against Sun Damage on surfaces from, fences and decks to aged cladding and distressed woos. The biggest culprit in drying and colour loss in wood is the sun. The sun’s rays contain ultra violet rays (UV) that damage wood fibres at the cellular level. Contains a UV inhibitor that penetrates the wood and remains behind much like sunblock does on your skin. The next biggest agent of damage for wood products are wood destroying organisms (WDO’s). Contains antimicrobial properties that create an uninviting environment for these microbes driving them away from the wood’s surface. WOOD RESTORE IS NOT A WOOD SEALER

Alfresco SoftWash – 

Kills Algae

Kills Bacteria

Kills Mould


Long lasting protction

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