How to clean graffiti

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Whilst some graffiti has started to be seen as art, in the most part graffiti isn’t something that you are going to want to see. Not only can it be unsightly, but it can also be offensive too. Which means that it is going to be something that you want to be rid of.

It can be hard to prevent graffiti, although there are some paints that can help with this. Therefore, in the most part you are going to need to consider how to remove it whenever it occurs.

Removing graffiti 

The thing to remember about graffiti is that in order for it to be as easy as possible to remove, you need to take action straight away. This is before it sticks and stains the surface. How you remove the graffiti will really depend on the surface that it is on.

For metal a common paint thinner may remove the paint, or you could try rubbing it with steel or bronze wool. Wood can vary if it is weathered or not, if it is sealed then you can try mineral spirits on it.

However, if it is not sealed then this process can actually damage the wood, as well as push the paint even further down into the wood. If the graffiti is on a plastic surface then any paint thinners that you use will soften the plastic and cause a real problem.

You can try an ultra fine steel or bronze wool to rub on the paint, but you will need to be careful with this approach. For brickwork and other masonry surfaces the main option that is open to you is to use a pressure washer in order to remove the graffiti.

Speak to a professional 

The trouble with all of these approaches is that there is always a risk that you could damage the surface that has graffiti on it. This will not only mean that you have to remove the graffiti, but then repair whatever is damaged.

You can also paint over the surface, but this again is quite a lot of work, something that you might not want to do.

The best thing to do is to speak to a professional cleaning company, one that has the right skills and equipment to tackle graffiti removal. Just like us here at Alfresco Group. We not only know the right process to remove graffiti, as well as have the right tools, but we also have everything that we need to make sure that the surface underneath is not damaged in any way.

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