Summer Maintenance: Pressure Washing Windows and Decking

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When facing the winter months, the last thing on our mind is the upkeep of windows and decking. However, as the warmer months begin, it’s understandable that people want to get their garden in order and enjoy the summer months in style.

Unfortunately, there can be times when the colder months may have been detrimental to the garden, so there could be several chores that need to be carried out. It’s easy to assume that all that’s need is some elbow grease, but there will be times when a different method of cleaning windows and decking needs to be used.  Although there’s nothing wrong with undertaking the role, it’s important we factor all the pros and cons before going ahead.

When deciding to use a company for the cleaning of decking and windows, it’s important to ensure that there are several forms of cleaning available.

Factors to Consider When Using a Pressure Washer 

On the surface, it’s easy to assume that cleaning the windows and decking for the summer months will only take a little work, but some stains may be more stubborn than others. There are also other factors to consider, such as the presence of algae and mould due to moist conditions.

In some instances, the use of pressure washing can be a beneficial approach when looking to clean unsightly mould and dirt within seconds. Pressure washing can make light work of stubborn marks on windows and decking, but this doesn’t mean that this is the correct approach in every instance.

Pressure Washers Can Do More Harm Than Good in Some Instances 

Windows come in many different forms, and not every window can withstand strong pressure, leading to breakages. This isn’t to say that a pressure washer shouldn’t be used, but it needs to be the right approach. Taking a risk could end up costing more money in the future.

There can also be times when the use of pressure washing on decking could push the existing finish off the word and into the surrounding environment. The decking could also absorb the moisture depending on the type of wood used, and what finish was used when the decking was laid.

Water can also enter smalls cracks and crevices within brickwork and sit dormant long after the clean is finished. This could lead to a series of problems around the home, such as the onset of damp.

Although there are times when homeowners can contend with the cleaning and decking on their own if there’s any doubt as to what to do, give Alfresco a call!

Why Use the Alfresco Group? 

When getting your outside space in order, the use of a professional cleaning company can ensure that the job is much easier. As well as more conventional forms of cleaning windows and clearing debris and dirt, Alfresco Group also employs the use of a specialist soft-wash solution that employs the use of biodegradable chemicals rather than the pressure of water.

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