The Importance of Solar Panel Cleaning: Let Your Panels Be as Bright as the Sun!

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Solar panels, aren’t they great? They’re designed to be an environmentally friendly way to create electricity, collecting rays from the sun to convert into power for your building. However, they do need maintenance and care to make sure that they perform at the optimum levels. That’s where we’d like to think we come in – because solar panel cleaning is one of the most important tasks you’ll need to do!

Why Do My Panels Need to be Clean?

So, first things first. Why do your panels need to be clean and shining bright like the sun? Well, if they’re not, you won’t get enough power! The problem with a solar panel and this is the only issue we can think of, is that when there’s no sunlight hitting the board, you don’t get electricity. Now, you can’t prevent this in the middle of winter when there’s nothing but grey skies, but imagine if it was summertime and the panels were so dirty that you couldn’t absorb electricity? It’s just a massive waste. Some estimates say that a dirty solar panel can be up to 70% less efficient than a clean one, so you can see why you need to keep yours in the best possible condition, right?

How We Help

But if you’ve got a dirty panel and can’t get it cleaned, don’t worry! Like the hero in any story, we arrive when things look bleak to help out.

Our team of specialist cleaners are more than capable of getting up there and giving your system the deep clean that it needs to perform at the highest possible levels again. And we’ve also got our unique helper – a solar panel robot who can get those places it might be unsafe for people to go! We employ modern technology alongside the good old tried and tested cleaning tools to make sure that you’re getting the most from your service every time.

We know that it’s essential to get your panels cleaned and ready for use during the periods of high sun, which is why we aim to respond promptly to your queries and needs. When you consider that we’re trained to reach all kinds of different areas on a building, and have the tools to do so, you get a winning combination of the means and the will to act.

Overall, we’re keen to help you out when it comes to keeping your solar panels looking bright and shining! They’re such an essential part of your company image and also protecting the environment, so it’s crucial that you give them the attention they deserve. Our teams are well-trained and can help you to get the most from your solar panels when you need them most. Without the proper care and attention, you’ll find that you start to lose out when the sun is shining, so you’ve got to be on the ball to generate the most power. When you work with us, we promise that we’ll make that happen.

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