Top Three Reasons Why Clean Windows Are Important

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Given how commonplace the cleaning of windows is, many think the task undertaken is about nothing more than windows looking their best, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Although there’s no harm in our windows having some gleam, there are other reasons as to why the cleaning of windows by professionals is important.

Three of the most important reasons why windows need to be cleaned on a regular basis are as follows.

1. Dirt Can Affect the Integrity of the Glass

Many of us assume that it’s only brute force that has the potential to break a window, but the presence of dirt on a long-term basis can also affect the quality of the glass.

Not many people know but glass is porous, and over time has the potential to engrain dirt. Over time this will mean that the windows become weaker, making them more suspectable to damage.

This can mean that the window can be damaged with the minimum of force, and in some instances may start to crack because of the dirt present. Fortunately, this can easily be avoided by ensuring that there is a regular routine in place in relation to cleaning the windows.

2. Dirty Windows Mean Less Heat Efficiency

Nowadays, windows are about more than giving the home a pleasing look. As fuel continues to be an expensive commodity for most, homeowners and business owners will want to ensure that their windows are as efficient as possible.

Dirt can detract sunlight, which can be a natural source of heat for the home which means less fuel is used in the evening. As such, those with cleaner windows are less likely to be paying a small fortune when heating the home.

Dirty windows may not seem important when compared to other obstacles daily life can throw at us, but even a quick phone call to a professional can ensure that we’re getting the best value from the home or business.

3.Can Retain Bad Odours

Depending on where windows are situated, they can be subjected to daily life in the most robust way. Some may be subjected to smoke, whereas others may be situated by a kitchen so are retain grease. Over time, the smells can become stale and rancid, which can soon carry on into the rest of the property.

Regardless of whether you’re running a home or a business, it stands to reason that you won’t a bad smell lingering, especially when there’s an easy solution in place.

It’s important to ensure that windows are cleaned regularly, at least once every three months. However, this can vary depending on your location and type of property.

If you’re concerned about the cleaning of your windows and want to find out more about the professional services available in your area, then why not contact The Alfresco Group to discuss your requirements in more detail.

As well as ensuring that a cost-effective service is in place every time, The Alfresco Group can also ensure that all windows are cleaned, regardless of how difficult they are to reach.

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