Window Cleaning Life Hacks Getting The Job Done Quickly

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Very few like the idea of cleaning windows, but there will be times when we may have to contend with the task ourselves.

Unfortunately, there’s no miracle that can make light work of windows in no time, but knowing the tools needed and the best application will ensure that you’re going around in circles when trying to contend with dirty windows.

Purchase a Squeegee 

Also known as a strip washer, these tools are designed exclusively for the cleaning of windows. As well as being superb for the role of cleaning windows, it also ensures that the dirt is being removed from the window rather than being moved around.

Don’t Stress on the Solution 

If you’re only looking to contend with the windows on your own this one time, then there’s little reason to be worrying about dedicated products.

Some washing-up liquid and water will be fine for contending with dirty windows.

Cleaning the Windows 

Some may have their own approach, but the general rule of thumb is to apply the soapy water and then removed using the rubber blade in a reverse motion.

If this is your first time, it can take some getting used to, but it ensures that you’re covering as much surface area as possible in the least time.

Cloths and Chamois 

Although the iconic squeegee is the perfect tool for windows cleaning, there will be times when the blade needs to have moisture wiped away.

Although some may use a cloth, you can use anything that absorbs water. This means that those with old towels can put them to good use when cleaning windows.

A chamois will be required to buff up windows where water may have collected. If left, they have the potential to streak.

A chamois will ensure that all moisture is absorbed without leaving traces of streaks.

Don’t Forget the Inside of the Window 

Although this may sound obvious, forgetting about the inside of the windows is something that can happen to any of us, especially if we’re running around contending with other things.

If you try with the outside windows but fail to attend to the inside windows, then it could mean that your hard work so far has gone to waste.

When contending with the inside windows, you need to ensure that you’re also collecting any water that may have collected on the window sill.

Finding an Easier Way 

Although the cleaning of windows is something many of us can manage, there can be limitations.

Some of us may not have the time, whereas others may find high windows problematic to contend with.

Even if you don’t require a regular window cleaning service, speaking to a professional can ensure that your windows are being given the minimum treatment they require.

If you’re looking for a professional that is both affordable and reliable then why get in touch with the Alfresco Group today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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