Power washing your home: 3 ways to know its the right time

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Power washing your home is a great way to ensure your home looks fresh and clean. In fact, it can increase the value of your home in minutes. After all, it gets rid of all that dirt which can build up over time and will leave you with a clean and appealing property. The first thing you need to do is choose the right pressure washer. Check which nozzle you need and make sure you clear the surroundings before you start the procedure. A lot of people worry that they will damage their home when they power wash the property. After all, you might have to deal with siding exterior if you do power wash too often. But you just need to make sure you do it at the right time. Most people power wash their home once a year in the summer months. Just doing it once yearly will ensure you don’t overdo the power washing. Here are three ways to know its the right time.


Growth of mould


One good reason you might decide you want to power wash your home is if you have growth of mould or mildew. These not only damage the look of the property but also the condition of the shingles. A good power wash will clean this away, leaving your home appealing again.


Before a repaint

A lot of people decide to repaint their property. It might have been damaged by UV rays or it just might need a new colour to give the house a fresh look. Whatever the reason for the repaint, it’s always a good idea to power wash your home before you do this. That way, any grime or dirt on the property is gone before you repaint. You don’t want to end up covering it up which could cause problems for your home in the future.


You’re putting it on the market


You want to make sure your property looks its best before it goes on an estate agent’s portfolio. Therefore, pressure washing your home will ensure all grime and dirt is gone before you have potential buyers visiting your home. And it will be in the best condition possible so it sells for a high rate.


And if you want a professional cleaning service, you could hire The Alfresco Group to give your home a thorough power wash. That way, you will have a clean, fresh home from a qualified trader.


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