The low-down on Blue-Green Algae

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Roof with moss and algae

It’s so important to keep the exterior of your home in tip-top shape. So many people will get their first impression from the exterior of your house so you want it to look clean. However, there are a few things which can cause your home to not look in great condition. A lot of people find that they have issues with blue-green algae on their property. They often mistake the algae for mould which appears on their house. But this blue-green algae which is known as Gloeocaspa magma is a common problem which you will see down many streets in the UK. One of the main reasons why it might appear on your own property is that it’s travelled from the building next door. The blue-green algae travels via the wind and it appears on the sides of the house, predominately the north and west. You want to remove it as soon as possible as its unappealing and will affect the value of the house.

How to treat the blue-green algae

Cleaning companies such as The Alfresco Group are able to remove the blue-green algae using professional solutions. The best way to treat this Gloeocaspa magma is to use a solution which consists of water and chlorine bleach. The professional cleaners will make sure they wear safety gear which includes rubber gloves and protection for their eyes. They will then apply the solution to the area, taking care to not make the area wet and then will rinse it off after around 20 minutes. They will make sure they don’t damage other areas of the roof while they conduct the procedure.

How to prevent algae from occurring

It’s so important to prevent the algae from occurring in the first place so you don’t run into problems with your roof. One way you can do this is via using copper and zinc strips. These are installed on areas of the home such as the roof that is highly likely to have an algae problem. You can also get shingles protection which has preventive copper granules which will ensure even when the roof is moist, the algae won’t occur on the property. You can also make sure you don’t have issues with algae by ensuring you regularly maintain the roof. From trimming branches to clearing debris from the roof, you can then stop algae from growing. You can also use a company like The Alfresco Group to clean your gutters and this will stop moisture which attracts algae.

Contact The Alfresco Group today and discuss your requirements to ensure algae doesn’t become a problem for your household.

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