Top 5 Window Cleaning Myths You Should Avoid This Autumn

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The change of seasons is upon us, and it’s the perfect time for a good clean. For lots of us, that means getting the windows sorted before the cold weather sets in. But there are a few sticky ideas about cleaning windows that need clearing up. So before you get your gloves on, let’s bust a few myths about window washing!

1) Rain washes the dirt off windows
Rain certainly gets things wet. But it doesn’t get them clean. You only need to look at the state of your car once it dries after a rainstorm to know that. It’s the same with windows. Getting windows really clean takes the application of force—a good scrub, in other words. That’s because dirt is shocking sticky. It’s full of oils and pollen and other substances that just don’t budge very easily. So roll up those sleeves and get the microfibre out—or give your local professionals a bell.

2) You should never clean windows on a sunny day
If you’re cleaning a big window by hand, the hot sun can dry the cleaning solution before you have time to wipe it away, which does leave streaks. But a professional window cleaner uses a couple of tactics to prevent this problem. Firstly, they give each window a good soak. And secondly, they work fast thanks to their specialist equipment. That way, the sun doesn’t have time to leave unsightly marks!

3) All cleaning products work the same
This is where streaks do come into play. A top quality window cleaning fluid washes absolutely clear off, leaving the glass squeaky clean. A cheap knock-off—or worse, something made to do a different job, like washing-up liquid—leaves a film that attracts dirt. Which means your windows will look streaky and will get dirty again even faster. A reputable professional will always use the right product for the job.

4) Nobody notices dirty windows
Windows may have to be properly mucky for someone to pass comment. But clean windows make a big difference to the brightness of a room. Whether that’s your home or retail space, letting dust and pollen prevent natural light from coming in creates a gloomier ambience. You’ll be surprised at what a difference a regular cleaning makes to the overall look.

5) Professional window cleaners are pricey
The truth is that professional window cleaning services are one of the best value maintenance services available for both domestic and industrial premises. They’re tailored to your specific needs and provide an immediate refresh both inside and out every time.

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