Why Cladding Restoration Is Important

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Have you noticed that your cladding looks like it’s washed and appears faded? Yes, cladding tends to fade after some time because UV rays break colour pigments. And if you touch the surface, you will notice a powdery feeling that leaves white dust on your fingers.

Before we get into the importance of cladding restoration, we should first understand why we clad buildings. Cladding is an additional layer over a building that is made up of more than one material. The most common materials used in the UK are aluminium, glass, stone, brick UPVC and timber. Cladding serves to make building aesthetically appealing while also providing protection from elements.

After some time, your cladding requires some cleaning to get rid of carbon built up, algae etc., Often we incorrectly think that the mess can be restored by conventional cleaning. However, beneath the grime and dirt, the cladding remains chalky and faded. Therefore, mere cleaning is a mere cosmetic issue that doesn’t affect the structure of your property. Conventional cleaning of the cladding can only make the property difficult to clean in the future and unappealing.

The solution to cladding restoration lies in applying advanced surface care products that eliminate micron. The surface layer is nourished and applied with UV protective waterproof coatings which also restore the original colours of the cladding.

Due to solar gain on some parts of a building, the cladding may be greatly damaged. Therefore, you should apply a UV hydrophobic coating when the cladding is new to give it greater longevity. The coating makes the surface smooth and waterproofed and this prevents future grime and dirt from up. Also, using a scheduled maintenance plan, your cladding will never fade and will always retain its elegant appearance.

Benefits of Cladding Restoration 

Cladding restoration helps to retain the original appearance of a building. It ensures that the fabric of the building is protected from the elements. Also, by restoring the cladding of a building, its life is extended and thereby adds to its longevity. Obviously, as time ebbs, the value of a building tends to depreciate.

However, irrespective of the age of your building, you can increase the value of your building by restoring the cladding. If you are running a commercial property, you know very well that first impressions matter. You wouldn’t want to lose a client because your building is aesthetically unappealing. So, by cladding restoration, you can make the building look beautiful, and it will become attractive to customers, visitors and clients.

Get Experts. 

If you want to restore your cladding, it is advisable to seek professionals. Employing experts will ensure that there is no damage in the course of the restoration. Importantly, these experts have all the specialist cleaning products to help you make your building appear new.

At Alfresco Group we provide cladding and restoration services restore, revive and protect building fabrics, aspects and elevation. We have a team of competent experts to help you give your building a stunning look.

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